So much more than a veg box

Whether you’ve just started enjoying your veg box, or you’ve been making the most of one for years, your choice delivers much more than delicious veg.

Organic farming always means lower levels of pesticides, higher levels of animal welfare, no artificial fertilisers, and managing the land in a way that helps nature thrive.

So whatever the reason you chose your veg box, you’re part of a community of amazing citizens, farmers, businesses and organisations who are making sure the way we farm, shop and eat is better for our health, better for nature, and better for the climate.

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42 % of us say the pandemic has made us value food more
More than 90 % of us don't want things to go back to the way they were
27 % of us are noticing wildlife more during the lockdown

You're supporting farmers

The Covid-19 pandemic has led nearly half of us to value our food, and where it comes from, more than ever before. As a result, many of us have changed the way we shop, and sales of weekly veg box deliveries more than doubled during March.

Farmers are feeling the pressure to keep up with demand, but supporting local growers is something worth celebrating. By signing up for a veg box you're shortening the supply chain between you and the farmer, and in many cases buying directly from the farm - helping local businesses grow.

You're helping wildlife

Nearly a third of us have been more aware of the wildlife around us during lockdown. And the benefits of nature go far beyond the beautiful sound of birdsong. Most of the fruits and vegetables grown in the UK depend on pollination by bees, butterflies and other insects; but their numbers are declining rapidly. 

Organic farms support up to 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms. Maintaining habitats, like hedgerows and wildflower meadows, on organic farms means nature has a home. Looking after the health of soil means more worms and microbiology can flourish underground. And using virtually no pesticides means organic farming works with nature, not against it.

You're protecting the climate

Our planet is facing challenges beyond coronavirus, one of which is climate change. One way to reduce our carbon emissions is to look after one of our biggest carbon stores - the soil. It can hold more carbon than the atmosphere, and all of the world’s plants and forests combined.

Healthy soil is at the heart of organic farming, which is based on keeping soil fertile and full of life. The reward is a resilient soil, better in times of drought, and with a diverse mix of microbes that help crops grow.

Throughout this pandemic we’ve demonstrated that our small individual changes have a huge collective difference. We’ve got a long way to go to tackle climate change, but your organic veg box is a small step to our collective success.





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