About our Farming for the Future programme

Grassland and water management, agroforestry, building soil health, non-chemical pest control and farming organically are some of the ways farmers help to mitigate climate change and restore wildlife to our landscapes. 

Our Farming for the Future programme brings farmers in Scotland together with each other, and with experts, at practical on-farm events, to share best practice and to forge lasting connections, in what can be a lonely field.

Along with many farmers, we believe nature and climate-friendly farming can be good for profitability. We help build knowledge and confidence through our speakers, demonstrations and workshops.

In our farmer-led Field Labs, we test what farmers think might be sustainable solutions to common farming challenges, bringing them together with researchers to trial their ideas on the ground.

"Our philosophy is grounded in the laws of nature"

Grassland managers of the year Charley and Andrea Walker of Barnside Farm in the Borders explain how their system of regenerative grazing has increased their output by 50%.

"Nature shows us how well we are farming"

At Culfoich Farm in the Cairngorms the bottom line is key. But Bruce McConachie uses farm wildlife as an indicator of soil health, and finds himself boosting both his profits and the environment. 

Tall Grass Grazing

Our Farming and Land Use Manager Clem Sandison made a film about the Mob Grazing Field Lab she runs. Hear from a group of determined, innovative farmers who are exploring this 'tall grass' grazing method...

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