Field Lab: All Over Clover

Field Lab: All Over Clover

Exploring grass seed mixes and grazing systems for dairy 

Mossgiel Farm, Tarbolton Road, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Tuesday 12 June, 2018, 12.30-3pm

Can we get a more diverse herbal pasture in the West of Scotland without a full reseed?

Join this field lab with dairy farmer Bryce Cunningham to see how his oversowing of a herbal grass seed mix is going. We’ll also hear how his new mob grazing system is working.

Grass expert Rhidian Jones will join us at one of the trial fields to look at the establishment of the grass sward.

Lunch & refreshments provided.

Free to farmers and land managers; £40 + VAT to others.  Booking is required. Book online.

For more information call Clem on 0131 666 2474, or email

Background to the Field Lab:

At the first Field Lab meeting in February 2018, we discussed the challenges of establishing herbs in heavy soils. Since then Bryce has developed a Field Lab plan, informed by the Holistic Management training that he’s been on. As a result, he’s implemented a new mob grazing system and very recently oversown the two trial fields -  one half with a standard grass/clover mix and the other half with a more bespoke herbal/grass/clover mix.  We’ll assess the success of these over the coming months. 


Funding for this activity is made available through the SRDP Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (which is jointly funded by the Scottish Government and the European Union), with partner funding from Quality Meat Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, Innovative Farmers and The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation

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