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Become a Farmer Ambassador

Use video to tell your farm story

We know that, as a Scottish farmer, you're producing food to some of the highest standards in the world.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and tell the world what you do!

There is a new spotlight on farming, and people are increasingly interested in where their food comes from.

You understand the relationship between your soil, plants, animals and the food you produce. You understand how many of your practices also benefit nature and climate in Scotland.  Do other people?

Do you find yourself saying, ‘we need to tell our story better’?

We're offering free video training to help you do just that. 

What are Farmer Ambassadors?

We're looking to recruit eight Farmer Ambassadors from Scotland – farmers or crofters who want to invite people onto their farms (virtually!) and show them round.

You will join ambassadors from the rest of the UK in creating and sharing positive stories that help the public, policy makers and other farmers understand nature- and climate-friendly farming. As an ambassador you will also be promoting yourself and your business.

The training we're offering

- We are offering a day’s storytelling/filming on your phone training with journalist and broadcaster Anna Jones and TV director/cameraman Alex Price. With 30 years combined experience in TV and radio, Anna and Alex regularly work for the BBC on programmes including Countryfile, The One Show and Farming Today. Anna is also the founder of Just Farmers.

This practical, online workshop will develop your storytelling and video production skills. At the end of the day you will be able to: 

  • Understand what makes a story and how to tell it
  • Understand different types of content (blogs, vlogs, podcasts) and get tips for each
  • Self-shoot video on your phone – knowing what works and what doesn’t
  • Use equipment like selfie sticks, gorillapods and lapel mics
  • Start editing on your phone or tablet using apps
  • Feel confident being yourself and sharing your story with wider audiences

 - A one hour one to one follow up session (over video/phone) with Anna and/or Alex for troubleshooting enquiries.

- Support to share your stories on social media, including through Soil Association channels

What we need from you

Ambassadors will commit to:

  • Producing one short video demonstrating good agroecological practice on your farm for use on digital marketing channels. You can choose which audience you would like to make your video for as follows:
    • The general public - e.g. wildlife / improving soil health / animal welfare / clean air and water / using fewer pesticides / food security for local communities
    • Policymakers - e.g. climate change mitigation / natural capital / food security for local communities /
    • Other farmers - e.g. agroforestry / profitability / resilience
  • Speaking one short piece to camera for use in a longer video promoting agroecology – script provided - full details to come
  • Giving a phone interview – one of our team will contact you and do a short interview over the phone. We’ll write a case study showing your agroecology in action which will be used in our influencing.

We also need you to be available for occasional media interviews (TV, radio, online articles). For example, if a journalist contacts us wanting to speak to a farmer doing agroforestry and that’s you, we would put them in touch with you.

How to apply

The training is free, but places are very limited. So we are asking you to apply by filling out the application form below by Tuesday 30th June. Note that you have the option to email us a video or audio file taken on your phone (it’s not about the production quality!), or to submit a written answer explaining why you’d like to become a Farmer Ambassador.

Farmer Ambassador Application

Max 500 words. If you're sending a video or audio file instead please email to

eg @SoilAssocScot
If so please copy the links below. If not, don't worry - it's not essential.