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Food for Life Ambassadors

Food for Life Ambassadors

Food for Life Scotland is proud to launch our Food for Life Ambassadors programme. We’ll be joining forces with 28 shining stars from Food for Life local authorities and catering teams to promote the ‘good food’ cause and demonstrate some of the incredible work that’s going on in the world of school meals across Scotland.

Unsung heroes

The project will shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the quiet revolution that is going on in our food system. In our jobs we are lucky enough to come across brilliant and passionate members of catering teams who are driving change within their local authority on a daily basis. Now we want to bring them together, both to share best practice and showcase their great work encouraging good food culture in Scottish school meals.

Over the last couple of years catering teams have faced some huge challenges, from the closure of dining halls during COVID19 lockdowns, to staff and supply chain shortages. We’re sure this has felt overwhelming at times, but we’ve seen catering teams battling against the odds to put healthy and sustainable food on the table. This has taken huge resilience and we’re delighted that more than half of Scotland’s local authorities hold a bronze, silver or gold Food for Life Served Here award.

Rising to the challenge

Food for Life Ambassadors will now embark on a mission to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability, the Food for Life standards and their wider impact on the environment. Our ambassadors will share what they’ve learnt further afield and promote the importance of school meals within their local authority. The actions of many individuals can lead to great change and we’re excited to see the impact our ambassadors have within their local communities and beyond.

Over the next few months ambassadors will attend sessions hosted by the Food for Life Scotland team to discuss:-

Good Food: the economic, environmental and health impacts of school food

What it means to be a food citizen and food leader

How we can foster a whole school approach to food

In 2022 ambassadors will then develop their own personal action plans to put these concepts into practice.

We’ll be hosting a celebration for our first tranche of fully fledged ambassadors in May 2022 and hope that this will be the beginning of a growing network that will support Scotland on its mission to becoming a ‘Good Food Nation.’

We’ll post updates as the programme progresses and look forward to seeing how our ambassadors grow along the way.