You Can Help Improve Life for All UK Farm Animals

Pioneering farmers have shown that it’s possible to give their animals a genuinely good life, while staying in business.

This can become the norm but we need your help!

Thanks to campaigning by passionate people like you, the UK has put a stop to some of the most inhumane practices in the industry. Last year the Government committed to CCTV in abattoirs and plans to ban live exports – but more still needs to be done.

Despite some steps forward, in other ways conditions are getting worse: some dairy herds are not allowed outside at all. Many farmers can’t afford to invest in welfare, and believe that the only way to make a living is to get more intensive.

To make matters worse, the UK is being pressured to import produce that undermines our food standards as part of post-Brexit trade deals. This includes meat from animals that have been fed additives that cause them disability and suffering. We cannot compromise our welfare standards, or put the livelihoods of hard-working British farmers at risk, by letting this happen.  

Now is a crucial time. The future of UK farm animal welfare hangs in the balance.

What Can We Do?

We must put pressure on the Government to ensure new welfare schemes are bold and ambitious: pushing for stronger regulation, and rewards for farmers that are delivering a great life for their animals.

Your support helps us to:

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Bu donating today you make a huge difference to the welfare of millions of animals – now and in years to come.

Together we can improve life for thousands of farm animals.

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