Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week 9th - 14th September 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week. 


One Small Swap Can Make a World of Difference

Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week is a week-long annual campaign, aiming to raise awareness of certified organic beauty and wellbeing products and the importance of certification and making sustainable choices.

Making one small swap to your self-care routine is the first step to making a world of difference. Find out how small changes to your lifestyle can contribute to a system combating our climate emergency and biodiversity loss - starting with what's in your wash bag.

One small swap can make a world of difference.


Look for the Logo

Did you know, there are currently no regulations that monitor the use of the word "organic" within beauty & wellbeing products? So the only way to be sure you are purchasing a product that is truly organic is to look for the logo. 

How to Get Involved

👉 1. Show your support for the organic movement and download our free toolkit

💄 2. Make Your One Small Swap by choosing organic products. Find your small swap here.

🧴 3. Create your beauty and wellness remedies as an act of self-care and resistance. 

📧 4. Join the movement: sign up to stay up-to-date on all things organic!

🎟️ 5. Attend our beauty event! Find out how to make your self-care routine sustainable with Marie Claire, Niomi Smart, Tabitha James Kraan Hair Crae and Pai Skincare. Grab your ticket here.

Find Your One Small Swap

From skincare and makeup to health and wellbeing, the Soil Association certify over 250 brands so you can be assured of the quality and integrity of their products. Find your small swap here.

30 Ways To Join The Organic Movement

Our connection to the food we eat and the products we use goes beyond the simple act of consuming. The provenance of the products and how it is produced is just as important to us than the finished product.

Want to go beyond making one small swap to your beauty routine? Take a look at our guide on how else to join the growing movement - starting with what's in your trolley.

What will your small swap be?

50 % of packaging is recycled in the bathroom vs. 90% in the kitchen
65 % of citizens expect brands to share ingredients sourcing
77 % of people would be reassured if a product which said 'organic' on the label was certified

How Does Organic Make A World Of Difference?

🌱 1. Uses Nature Responsibly (Green Chemistry Principles)

🦋 2. Protecting Wildlife & Biodiversity

🐇 3. No Animal Testing

🙅 4. Free From GM (Genetically Modified Organisms)

📦 5. Minimal Packaging With Maximum Recycled Content

September Events

From chilli growing to flower arranging and fermenting, find an Organic September event happening near you

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Raising the Bar

The humble bar soap is no longer reserved for your nan's bathroom sink. We've put together the 6 best organic bar soaps for your bathroom. 

What do we mean by 'organic beauty'?

Organic beauty is a minefield. We give a savvy and comprehensive overview of what makes beauty products organic.

Microbead Free Scrubs

Give your beauty routine a good scrub up with our list of microbead free scrubs which are kind to the planet and your skin.

Organic Vs Natural - What's the Difference?

The terms 'organic' and 'natural' for beauty products are interchangeable and can cause lots of confusion! We break down the terms and what defines a natural and organic beauty product.

Organic Beauty on a Budget

Read our list of affordable organic beauty buys to help you make your one small swap.

Make Your Own Coffee Scrub

Harness the power of plants to create natural, sustainable beauty products with Upcircle's coffee scrub recipe.

Spread the Word

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Join The Conversation

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Post your pledge and show your support for the organic movement.

72 % of people would lose trust in a brand which made misleading claims about being organic

Tabitha James Kraan

Meet Tabitha James Kraan, self-confessed hair geek and founder of Tabitha James Kraan Hair Care. Find out how making your small swap to organic hair care can make a world of difference to our planet and our oceans.

Tampons: The Dirty Truth

Did you know? Tampons and pads can contain up to 90% plastic! Natracare unwrap the truth about non-organic vs organic tampons.Will your one small swap break the plastic period cycle?


Breaking The Cycle With OHNE

Discover the taboo busting period brand OHNE and their mission for full transparency for our period products. Are you OHNE a misison to change your cycle?

Leading The Change

Find the Brands who are the leading the way in packaging, making sustainable choices for the planet.


Organic September

Organic September is a month-long campaign designed to encourage more people to try organic as a way to promote and educate people about food and farming practises. 


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