Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

What a week we've had - thank you to the thousands of people who took part and helped raise awareness of all things organic, every small change makes a difference in supporting a system that works with nature. 

We are moving Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week into Organic September, celebrating the best of what organic has to offer and are really excited about what’s to come. Watch this space!

As more of us are becoming conscious of our lifestyle choices, being mindful about what we’re putting on our skin is a natural next step. ‘Organic’ is fast becoming the latest beauty buzzword, but not all the hype is healthy... In an industry rife with greenwashing and information overload, we’re here to clear the confusion and debunk the myths that surround organic with our annual Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week!

When you see our symbol, you know it’s a sign of quality, trust and integrity. It’s time for us to show you what we’re made of…


What I'm Made Of

Discover the people, brands and beauty products that celebrate organic, and why what they're made of is so important. 

Look for the Logo

Did you know, there are currently no regulations that monitor the use of the word "organic" within beauty & wellbeing products? So the only way to be sure you are purchasing a product that is truly organic is to look for the logo. 

Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Weekend

Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week will come to life at The Hoxton, Holborn on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May. An all-day drop-in event that is open to everyone, the pop-up will feature hair consultations, beauty treatments, wellness workshops, live beauty formulations as well as skin consultations with Pai Skincare and beauty sleep workshops by Pukka. Immerse yourself in the world of organic.

Find Organic Skincare

From skincare and makeup to health and wellbeing, the Soil Association certify over 250 brands so you can be assured of the quality and integrity of their products. 

Organic Vs Natural - What's the Difference?

Organic Beauty on a Budget

Kind Ingredients for Your Skin

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