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Out to Lunch is back and it’s dishing up the truth about children's food in restaurants. Our 'secret diner' children have gone undercover (with their parents of course) to rank children’s food in 20 of the UK’s most popular restaurant chains.

Who topped the league table?

Once again, JD Wetherspoon topped the table with Wahaca, Zizzi and Wagamama close behind. Pizza Hut take the unenviable bottom slot on the table, with McDonald's and Hungry Horse narrowly avoiding the spot.

Are you surprised by the results? Our 'secret diner' families were, with parents feeling that children’s food just isn’t good enough.

Families were disappointed to find menus with sugar loaded puddings, deep-fried ingredients and lower welfare imported meat.

Local and sustainable sourcing


We were pleased to see that in the lead up to COP26 this year, ten of the biggest restaurant chains in the UK have committed to ensuring all soya used as animal feed in the supply chain is certified sustainable by 2023.

With just 3 out of 20 surveyed restaurants serving 100% British meat, we would like to see British chains better supporting British farmers by buying meat produced on these shores. 

19 million more portions of veg will be served with children's food in the next 12 months because of our Out to Lunch campaign

Join us in calling on all restaurant chains to take these simple steps to improve the service and food they offer children:

1) Work with supply chains to ensure soya used for animal feed is not associated with deforestation

2) Make water freely available and stop serving sugary or artificially sweetened drinks to children

3) Ensure desserts don’t exceed recommended sugar intake

4) All restaurants should serve two portions of vegetables with every kid's meal

5) Source more locally and use quality ingredients such as organic, farm assured, higher animal welfare accredited meat

6) Include more healthy plant-based proteins in vegetarian and vegan dishes to make sure they are healthy and nutritionally balanced

7) Serve children’s portions of adult dishes (ensuring they are healthy and nutritionally balanced)

Will you help us to change the menu?

As a charity, we rely on the passion and support of people like you.

We work with farmers, retailers, caterers and government to change the way we farm and eat. 

Give a regular donation, and say ‘yes’ to a food and farming future that supports public health. 

That's not all we're doing to improve children's food

Out to Lunch is part of our wider mission to transform the way we eat. Our Food for Life programme works with schools, early years, care homes and hospitals to make good food the easy choice for everyone. Find out how you can get involved and join our good food revolution.

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