ORFC Session: Rediscovering the flax fibre industry in Scotland

ORFC Session: Rediscovering the flax fibre industry in Scotland

The Fibre Flax Field Lab will be the focus of an ORFC panel discussion on Friday 5 January.

Chaired by IF Manager Rebecca Swinn and featuring field lab coordinator and SA Scotland farming lead Colleen McCulloch, this session will feature farmers, researchers and citizens who have teamed up via the Innovative Farmers programme on a mission to find out which modern flax varieties can be scaled up across the country.

Fibre flax once flourished in the damp soils of Scotland, but its seeds and supply chain have been lost since the industry became a victim of globalisation in the early 20th century. However there has been a recent resurgence in interest, alongside a growing awareness that flax has the potential to provide a UK grown, biodegradable textile which is beneficial for nature-friendly farming. 

A summary of the trial results from 2023 can be found on the ‘Results and Reports’ tab of the field lab page. Join the session (11-12.30 in the Parish Centre) to hear more about the trial, our plans for 2024 and beyond, and the shared dream of reseeding local and sustainable textile production in Scotland.