Want to go the extra mile? You could fundraise for the Soil Association.

Our vital work would not be possible without our brilliant supporters who help us by raising money. Every penny raised is appreciated and helps us to champion a world where people, farm animals and nature can thrive. If you are interested in fundraising for the Soil Association, have a look at our success stories for inspiration and then use our Fundraiser's Toolkit to help you get started.

Want to get inspired by a great fundraising idea? Scroll down to see some fantastic suggestions, or download our Fundraiser's Toolkit!

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

Setting up a fundraiser for the Soil Association is an easy, fun way to help us on our mission to restore nature, health and a safe climate from the ground up. Whether you're fundraising in the lead up to your birthday or at any other time of the year, follow our step by step guide to get your fundraiser started.

Take part in a sponsored walk or run

Sponsored activities are more popular than ever. Whether it's a long-distance marathon, muddy assault course or charity walk, we'd love you to get involved. We have a Just Giving page which makes it easy to fundraise.

Get your create-athon on!

Knit-athon, row-athon, bake-athon; anything you love doing already can be a great way to raise money for the Soil Association. We have a handy form in our fundraising pack which allows you to keep track of the money from your sponsors. 

Make a pledge for our planet

We're working hard to ensure the future of farming works for people, planet, plants and animals. With your help, we can make this vision a reality. Take the pledge to start a fundraiser for Soil Association to show your commitment to building a greener future as part of the nature-friendly food and farming movement.

Who can say no to coffee and cake?

If you've made too many cakes at your bake-athon, why not host a coffee and cake morning? It's the perfect event to invite family and friends to, as well as being deliciously indulgent. Of course, we'd recommend using organic ingredients for the best results. 

Raise money as you shop

Have you thought about using Amazon Smile? This is Amazon's official charity site which means they donate on your behalf whenever you purchase something through them, without costing you a penny! See the link below for details.

The most important thing to remember is that big or small, every amount raised has the power to make a difference

Make a pledge for our planet

Show your support my taking a pledge to organise a fundraiser for the Soil Association this year.