Food for Life Scotland

Food for Life Scotland aims to make good food the easy choice for everyone. We focus on the power of public food and its potential to have a positive impact on health, the environment, and the local economy.

To achieve this, we work in partnership with public sector catering teams.

Our key focus is on getting more fresh, sustainable, local food onto school dinner plates across Scotland. We do this by supporting local authorities to achieve the Food for Life Served Here award for their school meals service.

We’re also trialling how we can extend the award to new public sector settings through the Food for Life Scotland Public Sector Expansion Pilot in Glasgow.

A Food for Life Served Here award is a nationally recognised mark of quality.

If you see a Food for Life Served Here logo you know that the majority of the food on the menu will be freshly prepared, and it will always be free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners, and additives. Caterers making Food for Life Served Here-certified meals use free-range eggs and meat that can be traced back to the farm, as well as ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

Why join Food for Life Scotland?

  • Serve up healthier meals with more fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and wholegrains on the menu.
  • Support a thriving local economy by getting more Scottish food on the table.
  • Protect the environment for the future by reducing food miles and championing sustainable producers.
  • Empower public sector catering staff with more meals cooked from scratch.

Where we work

We work with local authorities across Scotland to get good food onto school plates. Find out if your local authority holds the Food for Life Served Here award for its school meals here.

111000 Food for Life school meals served in Scotland every day

Our impact

The Food for Life Scotland team supports public sector sites to achieve the Food for Life Served Here award for their meals services. This means public sector caterers are serving more fresh, local and sustainable food every day.


campbells meat

How we support producers and suppliers

We work with local food producers and suppliers to put more Scottish food on the table in nursery, primary and secondary schools across the country, as well as other public sector sites in Glasgow. Working with our partners, we've delivered a huge boost in spend on Scottish meat for West Lothian Council, pioneered local vegetable supply on North Ayrshire’s Isle of Arran, and supported Mossgiel Organic Farm on their journey to supply organic milk to East Ayrshire schools.

Are you a Scottish supplier who wants to see your produce on school plates? Or could you supply public sector sites in Glasgow? Find out how Food for Life Scotland can help.

How we can help your local authority

The Food for Life Scotland team is on hand to support local authorities across Scotland, and public sector caterers in Glasgow, to achieve the Food for Life Served Here award.

Find out how to apply today.