Scotland farming work

In Scotland, 98% of land is classed as rural, and 73% of that land is farmed. This makes Scotland’s farmers a vital part of the solution to the global challenge of restoring climate, nature and health.

Our farming programmes and resources are leading a transition to agroecology by bringing farmers, land managers, industry members, researchers and other experts together at events, in working groups and in field labs to share best practice and try new things for true climate-friendly farming.


Find out what events related to climate and nature-friendly farming, or agroecology, are happening near you in Scotland.

Resources for farmers

Sharing knowledge and experience from Scotland's farmers, crofters and land managers, and experts from further afield.

You will find stories from farmers we work with and expert content on topics including soil health, grassland management and grazing, river management and peatland restoration, farm wildlife and agroforestry.

Current Scotland programmes

Our programmes in Scotland help farmers, land managers and crofters in Scotland come together to share knowledge and best practice around nature and climate-friendly farming.

Mob Grazing

The Mob Grazing Operational Group are developing a benchmarking system to measure how mob grazing can build soil carbon, improve animal health and performance, reduce the costs of straw and winter feed and increase biodiversity. They will share how they 'do' mob grazing along the way. 


Innovative Farmers

Innovative Farmers is a network of farmers and growers running on-farm trials, on their own terms.

Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership unites land owners and managers who want to work collaboratively towards transformative environmental change at landscape scale in Scotland.

Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS)

The Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) connects farmers and land managers with the right people and helps them develop a viable, innovative project.

500 sq miles of farmland in Scotland are being managed differently thanks to our programmes
88.7 % of land managers adopt sustainable management practices as a result of their engagement with us

What we do

We support and enable farmers, land managers and crofters in Scotland to adopt more sustainable land management practices.