About our current programmes in Scotland

Moving towards Agroecological farming practices and organic practices are some of the ways that farmers can help to mitigate climate change and restore wildlife to our landscapes. 

It is not only for nature; along with many farmers, we believe nature and climate-friendly farming can be good for profitability. We help build knowledge and confidence by providing access to the necessary know-how for agroecological uptake across the country through our speakers, demonstrations and workshops. Our programmes also bring farmers in Scotland together and create spaces to interact with experts and other stakeholders at practical on-farm events, to share best practice and to forge lasting connections that can provide the necessary support when shifting to nature friendly farming.

These projects are funded by The Scottish Government through the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund. The Government has recently set out its vision for Scotland becoming a leader in sustainable and regenerative agriculture. 

Agroecology: Enabling the Transition

Agroecology: Enabling the transition is a programme developed in partnership with Nourish, LWA, PFLA, NFF and Propagate to widen and deepen understanding of agroecology, specifically through a farmer-to-farmer/crofter-to-crofter cooperative learning programme.

Reducing Inputs

Reducing Inputs is a short programme of farm visits, webinars and case studies, designed to highlight practical ways in which farmers can reduce the use of external inputs such as synthetic nitrogen-based fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides. We will use a whole-farm approach to explore ways to reduce carbon footprints, tackle disease resistance, improve soil health and ecological performance, protect natural capital and boost financial resilience.

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