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Producer Membership

Soil Association Producer Membership gives you access to our full range of support services, designed for everyone--organic and non-organic--in the farming, growing, forestry and food sector.

This technical services package costs £6.88 a month and is open to all farmers (organic or non-organic), individual vets, consultants or advisors. Soil Association license holders automatically receive all of these benefits as part of their certification. This package includes:

- Organic Farming magazine: Our journal is packed with practical information and advice

- E- news: All the latest news, market trends and opportunities,training and events, straight to your inbox

- Developing your market: Access livestock and horticulture price data, and our annual Organic Market Report

- New routes to market: From selling direct to public procurement, we can help you make connections

- Organic market place: Access the UK’s leading on-line database for farm-to-farm sales of feed, forage,and more

- Technical guide and info sheets: Our extensive library of publications covers every aspect of production

Protecting your data

We're committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. As a member, you will receive three postal copies of Organic Farming magazine per year, and the monthly Organic Farming newsletter. We need to collect your personal data in order to deliver these membership benefits. Read our full privacy policy here.

To sign up for Soil Association Producer Membership for £6.88 per month please complete the form below by clicking 'Join Now' and entering your details. Or enter your own monthly membership amount (minimum £6.88) in the box below.