Eat With The Seasons

Building our diets around seasonal, organic produce is a great way to start making food choices that have a lower impact on the planet

What's In Season This #OrganicSeptember?


The end of summertime is famous for its fruits in the UK. September is synonymous with blackberry picking, and apples are starting to ripen for those autumnal pies.

Pears, figs and plums are coming into season, whilst the last of the summer fruits, like peaches, nectarinesblueberries and raspberries may still be available to buy.




September is an amazing time to start eating seasonally if you live in the UK. British soils are busy bearing the very best of two season's crops - the last of the bumper summer harvest, and the first of autumn's spoils.

Those who grow at home will know that the courgette glut continues until October, whilst the last of the broad beans are still being harvested, and many of the salad crops such as cucumber, will also soon be coming to a close.

Broccoli's peak season hasn't quite arrived yet - this brassica is at it's very best from October to April, but you'll still find many UK-grown available in the shops. However, September is a great time to buy cauliflower and many other autumnal favourites coming into season, like celeriac, kale, leeks, globe artichokes, pumpkin and of course, butternut squash.




Seasonal Recipes

Start cooking more seasonally with these organic recipes, for all tastes and diets.

Sign Up To A Local Veg Box Delivery

Veg box schemes are one of the easiest ways to get hold of seasonal and organic veg. Our nationwide listings are ordered by region, to make it easy to find your local scheme.

Why Organic?

What we choose to put on our plates has the power to make a world of difference. Find out how choosing organic can offer solutions to many of the crises around our climate, nature, and our health.

Hero Veg

This season's hero has to be blackberries!

Available for free from hedgerows across the country, blackberries are a real gift during the September months. Perfect for making jams, and in pies and crumbles, these delicious fruits are something anyone can forage for!

For a super seasonal recipe using these amazing berries, give Vanessa Kimbell's blackberry and apple sourdough loaf a go.

Making the Most of your Veg Box

The Community Farm’s Managing Director, Ped Asgarian, gives us his top tips on how to eat your way through your veg box.

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