Eat With The Seasons

Eating seasonal, nature-friendly food is a brilliant way to start making a difference at home over the festive season. Sign up for regular emails to receive more practical tips for sustainable living, as well as news and opportunities to get involved in our campaigning and fundraising work.

What's In Season Right Now?

Earthy, root vegetables are in their prime at this time of year, particularly butternut squash, parsnips, beetroot and celeriac - perfect for those warming winter roasts. 

The festive season is also a fantastic moment for brassicas such as Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi, as well as other greens such as kale and the trusty leek. 

Pears, apples and quinces are your go-to fruit at this time of year, delicious for crumbles, tarts, jams or your fruit bowl!

Sign Up For A Local, Organic Veg Box

A great way ensure you are eating seasonally is to subscribe to a fruit, veg or meat box. You'll be joining a community of amazing citizens, farmers and organisations who are making sure the way we farm and eat is better for our health, better for nature and wildlife, and better for the climate too.

Choosing to eat seasonal, organic produce can play an important role in protecting and restoring our soils

Did you know that 10 billion tonnes of carbon is stored in UK soils?

Riverford's Brussels Sprout Gratin

We can't think of a better seasonal side to enjoy over the Christmas period that this blue cheese sprout gratin recipe, from Riverford.

Joey O'Hare's Festive Winter Salad

Make the most of sprout and chestnut season with this warming winter salad from Joey O'Hare


Anna Jones' Goodwill Rainbow Pie

This goodwill pie from chef Anna Jones requires a bit of time and love – a special treat for the Christmas holidays and a great seasonal veggie option for Christmas dinner.

What To Sow At Home

When growing in the middle of winter, the conditions you provide for your crops are vital. By growing under glass, in a well-insulated space, or investing in a heated propagator, you can stop temperatures from dropping too low. However, with warmer winter in the past few years, this hasn't been so essential.

Our top choices for sowing over Christmas are:

- Onions - Sowing certain onions varieties in December can give you a head start, rather than sowing in the usual period of January and February

- Winter lettuces and lambs lettuce - specially cultivated to grow in colder temperatures, you won't need to worry too much about insulating your growing space for lettuces like 'Winter Gem'.

- Mustard greens and microgreens - A great addition to winter salads, these plants can be grown in tiny plastic propagators, or even on a sunny windowsill during the winter.


Why Organic?

What we choose to put on our plates has the power to make a world of difference. Find out how choosing organic can offer solutions to many of the crises around our climate, nature, and our health.

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