Eat With The Seasons

For so many of us, the change in season means a shift in our approach to lifestyle, diet and health. For us, it’s the perfect time to celebrate all the benefits that come with eating plenty of fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and salads.

Find out more about what makes organic food different, see what’s in season this month, hear from the people that grow Soil Association-certified organic fruit and veg and get your hands dirty with some of the best seasonal recipes around. 

Organic food is food as it should be.

The Freshest Recipes Around

We love seasonal food, and these recipes make the most of what the season has to offer.

Choosing produce that's in season is good for our planet and means eating food when it's at its best. 

Find Organic Food Near You

From veg box schemes to farmers' markets and farm gate collections.

Use the Organic Food Finder to track down the best fresh, seasonal organic food near you. 

Why Organic?

When you see the organic symbol, you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the highest standards.
Organic always means; fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients.

My choice to eat organic and seasonal produce means I'm eating food at its best! It not only tastes better but it is also great for the environment reducing our carbon footprint by cutting food miles and supporting UK organic farmers and producers who are working with nature.

Sahar Twesigye; food and lifestyle blogger, influencer and founder of Earth & Spoon. 

Parsnip Chips with a Tahini sauce

This super quick and easy recipe from Sahar Tesigye is decidedly moorish and a great substitute for chips. 

Sahar's top tips on how to eat with the seasons

Sahar Twesigye, food and lifestyle, blogger, influencer and Earth & Spoon founder shares her top tips for eating seasonally on a busy schedule. 

Did You Know?

In 2014, a ground-breaking study by Newcastle University found that organic fruit and veg crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally-grown crops. The team found that a switch to eating organic fruit, vegetable and cereals – and food made from them – would provide additional antioxidants equivalent to eating between 1-2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Win an Organic Veg Box!

Courtesy of Riverford Organic Farmers

Fresh, organic fruit veg and salads are an easy way to introduce organic into your everyday food shop
A veg box is a good way of introducing fresh organic fruit, veg, and salads into your everyday food. 

Our friends at Riverford are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a large seasonal veg box delivered straight to your door.

Hero Veg!

This weeks hero veg is the parsnip. 

Pale yellow or ivory in colour and shaped like a slightly bulbous carrot, parsnips are one of the tastiest and most appealing root vegetables. Parsnips have been cultivated by humans for at least 2,000 years. In ancient times parsnips and carrots were often referred to by the same name and the writings of Apicius indicate that the Romans held the parsnip in some esteem and before sugar was widely available they were used to sweeten cakes and jam.

Most of the flavor in parsnips is right below the skin, so it’s best just to give them a good scrubbing rather than peel too much of the outer layer. Larger roots may have a woody core which should be cut out and discarded or saved for stock.

There’s no shortage of ways to prepare parsnips! Roast, bake, boil, mash or even puree them into a soup. Their soft, fragrant, slightly sweet flesh adds a warm, comforting element to dishes.


Making the Most of your Veg Box

The Community Farm’s Managing Director, Ped Asgarian, gives us his top tips on how to eat your way through your veg box.

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