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Our Out to Lunch campaign is dishing up the truth about children's food. We've worked with an army of secret diner families to rank children’s food in 22 of the UK’s most popular visitor attractions and 25 restaurant chains.

Transforming family food

Thanks to our secret diner families, Out to Lunch is making it easier for families who want to enjoy a happy and healthy day out - several attractions and restaurants are now prioritising child health and investing in healthier and more creative meal options for the whole family. But many are still taking families for a ride. We found refillable fizzy drinks but no fresh water; calorific puddings containing three times the amount of sugar and meal deals promoting menus that offer no veg.

Room for improvement

The Out to Lunch campaign has revealed that adult meals at popular attractions are typically healthier than children’s meals. At one attraction, most children’s meals don’t include any veg, even though the adult menu features more than a dozen types of vegetable. Only two attractions include a portion of veg or salad in every child’s lunchbox while others included biscuits, chocolate bars and crisps instead of veg. We think that attractions should be making it easier for families to eat healthily on a day out by including at least one portion (preferably two!) with every child’s meal, including lunchboxes.

Who came top of the Attractions League Table?

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh jumped 11 places to top this year’s league table. Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh serves seasonal and organic produce from their own Market Garden plus a variety of ingredients sourced locally in Scotland. The Science Museum, a newcomer to the league table, reached the top five with the first fully vegetarian café at a major UK attraction, catering to popular demand for healthier, more sustainable and more climate-friendly choices. The British Museum also did well, climbing 10 places, having introduced a portion of veg with all children’s meals and salad in all lunchboxes.


70 million the number of meals that Out To Lunch has improved whilst working with secret diner families

2017 - Dishing up the truth: Out to Lunch league table reveals the best and worst children’s menus at UK restaurant chains

Since 2013 Out to Lunch has been dishing up the truth about children’s food at the UK’s most popular restaurant chains.

We have worked with an army of secret diner parents to improve over 70 million meals served to children on the high street.

Will you help us to change the menu?

As a charity, we rely on the passion and support of people like you.

We work with farmers, retailers, caterers and government to change the way we farm and eat. Every day 1.7 million children in schools and nurseries across the UK enjoy fresh, healthy and sustainable food, along with hundreds of thousands of people in hospitals and care homes – thanks to people like you. But there is so much more to be done.

By giving a regular donation, you will be saying ‘yes’ to a food and farming future that supports public health. Together we can defend our health, and the health of our planet – by transforming our food.

That's not all we're doing to improve children's food

Out to Lunch is a small part of our wider mission to transform the way we eat. Our Food for Life programme works with schools, early years, care homes and hospitals to make good food the easy choice for everyone. Find out how you can get involved and join our good food revolution.

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