Our wildlife needs help

Do you remember a time when the dawn chorus sang louder? When the sight of a butterfly wasn’t a rare treat? And when the meadows truly buzzed with life? Our wildlife is under threat: and pesticides are a known cause. Their devastating impact on insect populations, and the knock-on effect for birds and other animals, is a ticking time bomb for biodiversity. Just recently, we heard that the British population of swifts dropped 51% between 1995 and 2015, down 24% in just the five years to 2015: the rate of decline speeding up, as the insects they feed on become increasingly scarce.

But it’s not too late!

We work with people at all stages of the food chain – from farmers and retailers to government – to create a farming system that works in harmony with nature and allows our wildlife to thrive.  

But to carry out this vital work, we need your support. Read on to see how we’re influencing lasting change and how you can help bring our wildlife back to life.

Our vision

It is possible to halt wildlife decline. By helping farmers discover and adopt more wildlife-friendly farming, we can ensure crops and wildlife can flourish together. So many of us grew up enjoying nature’s rich diversity, we must ensure future generations can appreciate it too.

That’s why we promote organic farming. Heavily restricted use of pesticides means organic farms are havens for wildlife, with an average 50% more insects and animals than non-organic farmland.

Do you share our vision?

You can champion a farming system that works in harmony with nature, where wildlife can thrive.

Our impact

With support from people like you, we’ve achieved a ban on the three worst bee-harming pesticides – our campaigning stopped the use of neonicotinoids on all outdoor crops, giving new hope for pollinators.

But this triumph is only the start.

Our success will be short-lived if these pesticides are simply replaced with equally toxic alternatives. We must keep up the pressure on government to help farmers get well and truly off the pesticide treadmill.

Your support makes this possible

Our work relies on the passion and support of people like you. By joining us and giving a regular donation, you will be adding your voice to the call for wildlife-friendly farming.

Together we can give the dawn chorus a stronger voice, and make the meadows buzz louder.

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