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Why Dr Spiezia chooses organic

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In his own words, Dr Spiezia tells us why he chooses organic...

As a way of life, organic is nothing new. Before modern farming techniques, it’s how we all used to live. I love nature and my life and business goals have always been to link tradition with a modern, open minded, and scientific approach.

This has lead me to explore the connection between soil and the environment; pollution with diseases; processed food and their influence on human behaviour, and the impact of intense farming on the sustainability of our Planet.

After many years of practice the answer  become clear: the organic way is the only one that protects both Planet and the living creatures who live on it. The organic way was, at least in the beginning, a philosophy more than a business and to me this was the right approach because it had a larger picture including ethical choices, animal welfare, peace and social implications.

Ghandi was  a great inspiration for me and for many in his “organic” way of living and my first inspiration. He said: We have to be the change we want to make…

At home I have always made a conscious effort to buy sustainable organic food to support my body and the planet. When I started researching ingredients for my skin care range back in 1999 I knew I had to have the finest and 100% organic ingredients which needed to be certified organic both to guarantee the maximum quality and the integrity of my business.
Back then there was such confusion between the so called natural ingredients and natural products. Many cosmetic companies were just misleading people calling natural and organic, something which was not natural and organic at all, creating uncertainty and luck of trust in the entire sector. Unfortunately this can still happen today unless a product is certified by a recognised body.

Dr Spiezia’s skincare (Spiezia Organic Care) became the first to receive 100% organic certification in the UK back in 2001.

After a long research on certification bodies I was struck by the integrity of the Soil Association and its history. We approached them asking to certify our range but at that time there were no health & beauty standards! The idea was exciting all around and after a long and collaborative conversation,  a full thorough inspection and lots of paperwork we had the Soil Association organic certification for all our skincare range: the first in the UK. To this day I feel this was a huge achievements which turned out to be the start of a great organic movement. The funny thing was that, because all our ingredients were food grade our first official certification was according to food standards! a real ‘food for the skin’ was recognised. With Soil Association approval we felt that people were assured of the best quality ingredients and products, and also that the planet resources were taken in the right sustainable consideration.

We have kept this promise through the years and the Inlight brand was first receive The Soil Association COSMOS certification back in 2014.

Since then we have been more and more conscientious with regard to how and where to source our ingredients and who is behind the suppliers we are in touch with.  In our vision and mission the way people approach business and resources must be ethical and in line with our principles. Business must not be only about money, but also the way they are run and the ethos driving the companies.


This is why we decided to get to know them better to ensure their integrity, by visiting them and creating a personal relationship. This approach is clearly shared by the Soil Association:  A network between people on the same wavelength and similar vision is powerful and can do a lot for changing environmental policies and expanding narrow and limited visions. A spiritual Master I met said: with a small match you can light a big fire…”

I always believed in the power of a good, honest and unselfish idea involving not only money, but people’s inner aspirations and souls as well. Through a business or a product an idea can go along way, transferring the goodness, the energy and a positive belief to help to create a better world.

This is why I have chosen organic.

Dr Mariano Spiezia

Inlight Organic Skincare