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Inlight Beauty

Meet Inlight Beauty

'Founded by Knowledge, guided by Alchemy, inspired by Nature' are the words used to describe the clarity and artisan elegance of Inlight Beauty.

Co-founded by renowned skincare expert, Dr Mariano Spiezia, Inlight Beauty have worked meticulously hard to re-brand their products to better reflect their core ethos. Their carefully formulated products celebrate the craft of alchemy and techniques used in modern science, regenerating the skin and uplifting the soul. Here is what they had to say...

Can you tell us a little more about Inlight Beauty?

Inlight Beauty is not a new `beauty affair`! Dr Spiezia pressed the go ahead button for the organic beauty revolution many moons ago and Inlight skincare has been regarded for long as synthesis of purity and performance. However as evolution is the normal consequence in nature Inlight has evolved with Dr Spiezia’s ongoing scientific and alchemic research.

Your ethos emphasises the importance of inner beauty and enlightenment, how can people reach their full potential?

It is more and more evident that matter is “alive” and that it responds to our influences’.

Inlight beauty combines ancient alchemy and modern science techniques to maximise the energy and beauty of each ingredient, bringing beauty to life. Our products help the skin to be healthy,glowy, radiant, and if you have a radiant skin you also feel radiant so you bring your own beauty to life!    

We adore your new look and feel it really reflects the core message of Inlight Beauty, can you explain your decision to rebrand?

We take feedback very seriously and for some time we were told that our packaging didn’t fully reflect the quality of our products and didn’t tell the Inlight story in full. We feel the new look incorporates all the elements of our beauty-full adventure, from the watercolour developed by a Cornish artist to the stylish violet glass we now use to keep the vitality of our ingredients for longer and the unique Alchemic symbols that reconnect past and present.  

Inlight beauty Face oil

Why is the use of organic ingredients important to you?

We are proud to be one of the first UK Companies to receive the cosmos certification throughout our ranges which tells a bit about our commitment to the organic world. Organic is very important to us, It’s our lifestyle, It is what nature originally intended and it is greatly important to safe keep our environment and wellbeing. Organic is the future we want to leave behind.

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the ancient science of recombining multiple elements of nature in a new way to produce something unique.

As Dr Mariano Spiezia says ‘Health and science have a beauty within them, the beauty which stems from chemical and physical processes at the basis of life itself; there can be no finer beauty than that of atoms dancing together in the mesmerising harmony of law which stabilise this  planet and which are in constant evolution .... Every symbol on the Inlight products is the visual expression of that unique, vibrational dance’. 

Inlight Beauty Products

With your relaunch you have included new products and recipes; can you explain a little more about these products?

Dr Spiezia never stops studying and experimenting, inventors cannot stop as they know there is always room for improvement! This is reflected in little touches to the old and brand new formulas added to the range. Make-Up remover oil with a few drops will melt even stubborn mascara whilst strengthening lashes and  Face Oil for MEN promise to keep his skin moisturised all day long and works well to calm the skin post shave.

What role does the Soil Association play for you?

‘Soil Association is for us the most representative organisation, trustworthy for its long standing commitment and passion and most of all in tune with my vision and philosophy on how to protect the environment and better live our life on this Planet. I am proud to be part of it.’ Dr Mariano Spiezia

Finally, do you have any future plans for Inlight Beauty?

We have lots of exciting plans ahead but can’t reveal all! Dr Spiezia’s Herbal Tea Fusions are due to launch in April. The individual leaves have been chosen for their specific benefit and the synergy between them will no doubt have an impact on your palate, your health and energy.

But it’s not all. Watch out for more news in the next months as more lovely and lively products will land on the market from Inlight Beauty.

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