Cleansing facial oil Recipe by Naissance

Cleansing facial oil Recipe by Naissance

You may have heard of the oil cleansing method, where you use an oil to cleanse your skin rather than a traditional cleanser. This recipe shows you how to make your own organic version, its super simple and your skin will thank you.

Plant and vegetable oils are amazing at breaking down make up, dirt and grime and moisturise your skin at the same time so double win!

We love Organic Castor here at Naissance, this powerhouse carrier oil is so versatile, it’s definitely one of our firm favourites. Its cleansing powers practically dissolves make up and dirt, leaving skin cleansed, fresh and nourished. The remaining carrier oils, all chosen for their richness in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, will help hydrate and nourish the skin whilst also removing dirt and make up. Who doesn’t love a multitasker?

facial oil by Naissance


A 50ml glass amber bottle with a pipette.

Measuring jug or pipette

10ml Organic Castor Oil

10ml Organic Borage Oil

10ml Organic Coconut Fractionated Oil

10ml Organic Wheatgerm Virgin Oil

10ml Organic Avocado Virgin Oil

3 drops of Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

3 drops of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 drops of Organic Geranium Rose Oil

2 drops of Organic Ylang Ylang Oil


Simply measure out all the ingredients and combine in a beaker or jug and mix well.

Transfer the oil to the glass amber bottle and label.

To use:

Apply a few drops of oil to a cotton wool pad and sweep across the face and neck until all make up is removed.