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Bath Salts to Aid Beauty Sleep by Medical Herbalist, Katie Pande

Bath Salts to Aid Beauty Sleep

Are you in need of a good night's kip? Yeah, us too! We asked Pukka Herbs to share their top recipe to help aid sleep...

Last month, the herbal team at Pukka joined forces with the Soil Association and a whole host of certified organic beauty brands to host the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing weekend in London, an event aimed to educate and encourage consumers to question just where the ingredients in their beauty products come from.

Why? Because we at Pukka like to champion the importance of natural and organic ingredients. Beauty products often have misleading labels, leading people to believe that they are natural and free from nasties, when in fact, they are not. Whilst people are more driven to invest in products that are vegan and chemical-free; it’s also important for consumers know what to look out for so that they do not get misled and are able to experience the true wellbeing benefits of natural, ethically sourced, Soil Association certified organic products.

At Pukka, our commitment to organic is central to who we are; that’s why all our teas and supplements are blended with 100% organic, medicinal-grade herbs. We love to talk about all things herbal, so shouting loud about what we’re made of is something that comes naturally.

During the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Weekend, we had the pleasure of running a series of herbal wellbeing workshops to teach people how to make bath salts to aid beauty sleep.  Poor sleep is something that many people suffer with – around half of UK adults survive on six hours of sleep or less a night. 1 With the ideal being closer to eight hours of undisturbed slumber, it’s clear we’re losing sight of how important getting good a night’s sleep is for our overall health and wellbeing.  As well as draining our energy levels, poor sleep can affect our mood, digestion, liver and skin.

Integrating organic plants and herbs along with calming, mindful practices, into our night time regime can help us to unwind and get a good night’s sleep.  So, here’s how to make Pukka Herbs infused bath salts to aid beauty sleep.

What you will need

250 ml jar

Epsom salts 2 scoops (around two handfuls in size)

Essential oil of choice (we like to use lavender or rose geranium) 5 - 6 drops

Your choice of herbs 3 – 4 tbsp in total

Lavender has strong floral scent and is a classic herb for cheering the heart, easing emotional pain and promoting relaxation within the nervous system, digestion and the mind.

Chamomile is widely used to relax and calm the mind and body. It has been used for centuries to promote a restful night’s sleep. It may help to relieve physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as indigestion or insomnia, in addition to underlying psychological tension.

Rose: Rose has been traditionally used to nourish and calm the nervous system to ease nervous depression and anxiety, particularly where this is characterised by agitation, palpitations and tension headaches. It is also believed that this herb’s affinity for the heart means that it will support the organ on both an emotional and physical level, helping to relieve emotional tension, but also tension in the heart muscle itself. Rose in Ayurvedic medicine to open the heart chakra, increasing patience, compassion and love.

Tulsi Holy basil is the name often given to this aromatic herb. It can help to awaken the mind bringing mental clarity whilst also supporting the nervous system, helping to restore the adrenal glands which can become exhausted from trauma, depression, stress or anxiety.  Tulsi modulates the stress response, increases adaptive energy and nourishes the vital spirit.

Limeflower can help to induce sleep, particularly where an individual may be affected by nightmares or night sweats. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety and symptoms such as palpitations that may be preventing the individual from getting that much needed shut-eye.

Fennel is primarily indicated in the digestive system, but it is commonly used to calm muscular tension and spasms, making it ideal for those whose digestion is affected by stress. It is often used where nervous tension creates muscular spasms and contractions.

Ashwagandha:  In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha, is known as a ‘rasayana’, meaning ‘to rejuvenate’. Rasayanas enhance both the quality and quantity of life, nourish the mind and enhance vigour, making them perfect for weak, debilitated or exhausted conditions. Ashwagandha is a modern-day adaptogen, which help to support our body’s resistance to physical and emotional stress by strengthening the nervous system and moderating the release of stress hormones (such as cortisol).

Licorice: Licorice is a magical plant that not only has 50 times the natural sweetness of refined sugar but is also an incredible herb; it is calming, nourishing, soothing, moistening, balancing and rejuvenating. Licorice is a strong adrenal tonic providing enduring strength to the whole body as well as nourishment to the nervous system. Licorice is also a natural anti-inflammatory which boosts the immune system.

What you do

Scoop the salt into the jar, add the essential oils and mix in.  After selecting your herbs, add them to the salts and mix them in by hand or screw the lid onto the jar and give the jar a shake.  Allow 1 – 2 weeks for the herbs to infuse before enjoying a warm, calming and nourishing bath.

All of the above herbs, apart from rose, can be found in Pukka Herbs’ new Night Time 7 Day Kit. Pukka’s Night Time kit contains a seven say supply of Pukka’s Night Time tea and herbal supplements. A great addition to your beauty and wellbeing regime, it helps to break irregular sleeping patterns and difficulty getting off to sleep, promoting a healthy complexion from the inside out.


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