Why Making Small Changes Is The Key To Living Your Best Year Yet.

Small Changes To Live Your Best Year Yet

The New Year is full of promises and opportunities which can feel positive yet daunting. Though many of us start with good intentions we often fall short of achieving the goals we set out to do leaving us feeling defeated. We asked Ailish Lucas, the woman behind the award winning blog, The Glow Getter, to share her words of wisdom on how to achieve a happy, health and fulfilling new year...

Ailish LucaImage: Ailish Lucas

New Year. New You. New habits. New Everything. Literally. Everything. 

Each year we like to think that if we change everything immediately then we can be the person we’ve always wanted to, but by the time we get two weeks into January (if we are lucky!), we’ve decided it’s all a bit too hard, too much effort and go back to living on autopilot, because it’s easier. 

I know this, because I was well versed in it many years ago. Every January 2nd (because Jan 1st, I was still celebrating life in a big way), I’d commit to eating clean and lean, with zero sugar ever touching my lips again. I would decide I had to meditate at 5am every morning for an hour before work, I would then run 5k immediately afterwards despite hating morning exercise and come back to shower using filtered, chlorine free water using only natural products and then skip off to a job that I really loved.

Whew. It sounds as exhausting as it looks. 

This is where most people fall down with the whole ‘New Year, New You’ philosophy. It’s all or nothing. There is no middle ground with incremental steps to get you to where you want to go. It’s all huge change when we have enough going on in our lives already. 

Which is why a few years ago, I started to go small. Instead of committing to huge, life changing things, I committed to some small changes that I could easily incorporate into my day. And guess what? I’m still doing them years later. And yes, it has been life changing. I’ve gone from overweight, stressed out and unhappy, to healthy, doing something I love and grateful for every day.

Smug? No. 

Happy? Definitely. 

Ailish Lucas in the KitchenImage: Ailish, Lucas

So I wanted to share with you the areas I looked at to help me glow inside and out in the hope that it will help you too. There are five key areas that need to be reviewed and I’ll go into a few of them here. The first one being what we eat. 

What we eat is so important. If we don’t eat then we die. That’s how important it is. But we look at food in the wrong way. 30 years ago there was only real, whole food which was organic and now there is a whole lotta junk being disguised as food. We need to go back to just eating whole real food again. The price of organic food is the real cost of what whole, real food actually is, not the factory farmed Chicken you picked up that is a bargain price in the supermarket. 

Ask yourself, will this food nourish me? Will it help my body do all the things it needs to, to not only keep me alive but thrive as well? When we re-frame and start asking better questions, not only about the food we eat, but in every area of our lives, we get better answers. And in this case, if the food you just picked up isn’t going to nourish your body, you should really leave it where it is. 

Ailish Lucas and mugImage: Ailish Lucas

The next area is what we use. If we are eating well, managing our stress levels, moving our bodies and generally being happy in life, then doesn’t it make sense to review what products we are using on ourselves, our children, in our homes and daily life? If we are using products that strip away our natural oils on the skin, or cleaning products that cause breathing problems, then we are doing it wrong. We need to educate ourselves on what’s actually going into the products we are using and love. An easy place to start is using products that have The Soil Association logo on as the companies have gone through rigorous testing to make sure that the product is safe, has been ethically and sustainably produced. Why use some cheap product when you’ve no idea what long term damage it’s going to do when you can use something that was created by Mother Nature herself?

The last area I’ll talk about today is what we do. What we do is vitally important because we see our work colleagues more than we do our actual partners most of the time, and if they are people that don’t lift you up and the work you do has no real meaning to you, then what life are you actually living? Why not do something that lights you up, that puts fire in your belly and gives you that glow inside and out. Ask yourself, ‘If I could do anything in this world, what would it be and why?’ It’s a great place to start where you can then explore all the options that comes up and find one that works for you. It might be a bit scary at first, but life is an adventure and aren’t we meant to have fun rather than living on autopilot?

There are other areas that I look at but I won’t go into detail here, otherwise I might be writing for days, but if you’d like to find out more, I’m running a free 5-day challenge online called The Glow Life. We go into detail on what you eat, how you think, how you move, what you use and what you do. It starts on Wednesday 10th January 2018 and I would love for you to join me.  

You can sign up here:

I hope 2018 is full of adventure, fun and having your best year yet. 

Ailish x