Green Brexit Report

Setting the bar for a Green Brexit in Food and Farming

We’ve heard repeatedly from the UK government that leaving the EU presents a once in a generation chance to become an ‘environmental superpower’, to deliver a so-called Green Brexit.

Our report demonstrates that the UK can become a world-leader in environmental farming.

But, in order to get there, we must learn from and go beyond what is already being achieved by our neighbours.

What is a Green Brexit, and why is it important?

Watch the video of our policy officer, Sam Packer, to find out.

Our report interrogates Green Brexit claims made by Government and political leaders.

The report identifies:

  • What these ambitions could mean for food and farming in the UK
  • What is already possible and being achieved inside the EU
  • Has the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) helped or hindered environmental ambition


Our report identifies case studies of leadership in environmental food and farming.

The UK has led on areas such as agri-environment schemes, but Italy, Spain, France and Denmark are ahead of the UK in important respects.

Inspiring work is going on:

  • Trees are integrated with farms in France
  • Supply chains fairer in Spain
  • The public sector is the primary market for organic food in Denmark

They are not held back by the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), nor should we be.

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Through food and farming, we can tackle some of the most challenging issues that the UK faces.
Challenges such as climate change, public health, soil protection and farm animal welfare.