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Fee changes

Fee changes

We’ll be making some small changes to our certification fees to reflect inflation and an increase in direct third party costs from 1 April 2015. Our aim is to keep fees as low as possible and our fee structure is set as fairly as possible. We aim to remain competitive on price whilst offering a great range of technical and practical support, including our recently launched marketing support packages and supply chain development support.

To find out more about some the additional benefits that the Soil Association Certification can offer you can visit the site here.

For our farmers & growers: While the market gets back in to growth, and as part of our ongoing commitment to support our farmers and growers that are most in need, our promise to keep the fee for land areas below 5ha remains at £395 for a further year. We will also continue to offer small grants from our hardship fund for licensees who have over 5 hectares and are going through uniquely challenging financial circumstances. For more details please contact the certification team on 0117 914 2412.

For our food, health and beauty and textiles licensees: Core fees for certification will now be £597 plus VAT annually, to reflect inflation. The thresholds will change slightly to take in to account the change in fees, based on product sales value. In addition our fees for our BRC certification service offered in partnership with Kiwa PAI have increased by £75 to take into account imposed third party changes to the BRC’s certification and review fee. Textile Exchange Certification fees have been directly increased by Textile Exchange so this fee will now be £410.

Full details of all our fees are available on our website at www.sacert.org/forms or please contact your Certification Officer on 0117 914 2411.