EU regulation update

EU regulation update

As you may have seen earlier this year, there have been amendments to the EU organic regulation, covering permitted substances and practices for use in organic farming, growing, food manufacture and aquaculture. Soil Association standards have now been updated to reflect these which you can find on our website here

We will be consulting on whether to add these to our new standards in the food and farming consultation due to launch in mid-October.

Broadly, the changes related to:

  1. Livestock – buying in after catastrophic events
  2. Livestock feed additives
  3. Aquaculture juveniles and replacement stock in catastrophic circumstances
  4. Pesticides and plant protection products
  5. Micro algae
  6. Food additives and processing aids
  7. Wine – extension of deadline to review some practices, processes and treatments

Find out more on our website here or contact your CO for more details.