Importing from non-EU countries

Importing from non-EU countries

When importing product from outside of the EU, a valid and original Certificate of Inspection (COI) must accompany each shipment.

It is the responsibility of the importer to ensure that a valid COI is presented at port for each consignment.  The importer must ensure that each section of the COI is endorsed by the relevant party and that it the stamped originals are held on file for a minimum of three years.

The importer must also notify the port of the arrival of organic goods so they are aware of the status and additional requirements.

If you do not have an endorsed COI for each consignment, the product may lose its organic status. We will check at annual inspections that our the original endorsed COIs are on file for each consignment imported.

For more information about the organic importing requirements please see our Guide to Importing or contact your Certification Officer.