Changes to Certification Documents

Changes to your certification documents

You may notice some differences in the certificates and schedules we send you when we issue, renew or update your licence with us. As part of continuing investment in our systems, we’ve made some improvements to their appearance, the way they present the important information about your licence, and to make sure they are in line with any requirements of the schemes you are certified under. We’ve also taken the opportunity to reduce the number of documents needed in many cases.
Certificates are different depending on which scheme or schemes you are certified for. Some of the changes are:

  • Addition of the activities your licence covers on the trading schedule
  • Changes to the appearance of certificates to make them more visually appealing, should you want to print and display them
  • More helpful information about where your customers can verify the validity of your certificate or any other Soil Association Certification certificates
  • Listing your most recent inspection date

The changes mean that for many types of processor licence, it's no longer necessary to send you an information schedule to accompany your certificate, reducing the number of documents you need to keep track of. However, if you find your information schedule helpful to check which suppliers have been registered, please just ask your Certification Officer and they will be happy to provide this information.