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Using Propagating Composts This Season

Using Propagating Composts This Season

There have been some recent instances of licensees using non-approved composts in the belief that they are suitable for organics. Some composts are labelled as organic, but are not approved for use in organic systems; this is because there currently is no legal requirement for composts to be certified to use the word ‘organic’. It can therefore be unclear which products are suitable for use. One example of a compost which is not suitable for use in organics is ‘New Horizon Organic and Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost’.

You can search for all composts which have been certified through our inputs scheme here. Some are restricted to propagating only, so check the final column for details. If you are uncertain about a product, contact your certification officer and they will be happy to check it for you. Please be aware that where a non-approved compost has been used, the issue must be discussed at our certification committee and in some cases the organic status of the crop or land may be removed.

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