Certification Status of Hughes & Co

Certification status of Hughes & Co

We're writing regarding stock purchased from Hughes & Co after October 2017 when their certification held with OF&G expired. Hughes & Co have continued to sell organic products after this time.

If you have any raw materials - or products containing raw materials - which you purchased from Hughes & Co after this date, you must place them on hold and not sell them as organic until further notice.

Defra is dealing with the situation and working with all parties because:

  • There is doubt over the organic status (according to the EU organic regulation) of affected product
  • A large number of operators are affected in the UK and other EU member states
  • More than one organic control body and competent authority are involved


Defra have decided to refer the decision regarding the organic status of the affected product to their legal team for advice and have asked us to gather the following information as soon as possible to enable a fully informed decision:

  • Volume of stock still in your possession, purchased from Hughes & Co. including any packed products containing affected ingredients
  • Names of affected products


Please send this information to your Certification Officer or to cert@soilassociation.org

Whilst this investigation is continuing, we don’t require any further action regarding contacting your customers who may have purchased affected product from you; however, affected stocks of raw material and products which are still in your possession should remain on hold.

As a timely reminder, it's vital to check that your suppliers of organic products must hold valid organic certification, and that you must check this is in place when purchasing.