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Non-Organic Forage

Non-Organic Forage

As you are aware, we are experiencing a prolonged dry period, which in many cases has led to low forage yields. In extreme circumstances, when you are unable to source sufficient organic forage, there is an allowance to feed non-organic forage to organic stock with prior approval from Defra. A derogation from Defra is required and insures that the stock would not lose their organic status. 

Defra will only give approval if there is no organic forage available. Therefore, please check our Organic Marketplace and other certification body websites before requesting a derogation. 

To request a derogation, please answer the below requirements and contact your Certification Officer who will then be able to send the request to Defra. 

  1. The name and location of the farmer and farm (including the Parish)
  2. The situation – details as to why you are requesting the authorisation. This should include how much organic forage has been produced on farm, total numbers of livestock on farm and what has led to the shortage of forage
  3. The livestock for which the authorisation is being requested, e.g. Youngstock (including total numbers that will be affected) to safeguard organic production animals as much as possible
  4. The type of non-organic feed you wish to use
  5. The effect of the current situation on the welfare of the livestock
  6. Details of any attempts made to obtain organic feed from alternative sources and why these were unsuccessful
  7. Whether any organic alternatives to the feed are available
  8. The length of authorisation requested e.g. up to 30 September 2018

Please be aware that derogation requests shouldn’t be made until a couple of weeks before you intend to start feeding non-organic forage to your organic stock. 

If a derogation is granted, then non-organic forage can be fed to your organic stock - it does not permit organic stock to graze non-organic land. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Certification Officer or any member of the Producer team on 0117 914 2412.