New cleaning and disinfectant regulation

New cleaning and disinfectant regulation

The new European Commission organic regulation 848/2018 - that will be applicable from 2021 - will include a list of permitted cleaning products and disinfectants for use on farms, and in food processing and storage. For farms, this will include in livestock housing, milking parlours, glasshouses, irrigation systems, harvesting equipment, mushroom production units, crop storage, fruit/vegetable packing areas, on-farm processing.

For a cleaning or disinfectant substance to be included on this list, member states have to submit dossiers for each substances they want to include. Only substances included on this list will be permitted for use.

We need your help to ensure that any cleaning products and disinfectants that are essential for your organic production and storage are included in this list.

Actions for you to take:

If there are cleaning and disinfectant substances that are essential for use in your organic business, please e-mail your Certification Officer as soon as possible with the following details:

  • Brand name
  • Active substances (what’s in it)
  • What you use it for
  • How often it is used

You can also send us the safety data sheet. We'll then collate this information and provide a list of substances to Defra to ensure the UK companies we licence are represented in this process. Please provide the details of the products you use by Wednesday 30th October.