Changes to organic olive oil labelling

Changes to organic olive oil labelling

The European Commission have reviewed the various grades of olive oil and issued clarification about how they fit with the organic regulations.

'Lampante olive oil' and 'crude olive-pomace oil' are not suitable for human consumption.  As such, they don’t come under the scope of the EU organic regulation and cannot be labelled and sold as organic.

'Refined olive oil' and 'refined olive-pomace oil' contain 'Lampante olive oil' and 'crude olive-pomace oil' - therefore, they also cannot be marketed and sold as organic; the same applies to 'olive oil – composed of refined olive oils and virgin oils' and 'olive-pomace oil'.

'Extra virgin olive oil' and 'virgin olive oil' are obtained from the fruit of olive trees and fully comply with the organic regulations; these can continue to be labelled and sold as organic.

If you're unsure whether the status of any organic olive oil you purchase is affected by this ruling, we advise you to seek further information from your supplier about the grade of oil, and contact us with any queries.