Help shape new livestock payment scheme

Help shape new livestock payment scheme

Would you like to play a part in shaping England’s new payment scheme for livestock producers?

A Defra-funded research project is looking for farmers delivering high animal welfare as part of the development of new domestic agriculture policy after Brexit.

What is the project?

Leading environmental consultancy ADAS is working with the University of Bristol and the Royal Agriculture University to collect farm-level data on the welfare and economic benefits of various animal welfare enhancements, as well as the economic costs involved for farmers.

The Defra-funded research will inform the development of a payment scheme for farmers delivering high animal welfare as part of the new domestic agriculture policy post-Brexit.

Who can take part?

The future policy will apply in England, but all of our licensees involved in livestock production (pigs, broilers, laying hens, dairy, beef, and sheep) are invited to take part in the data-gathering project to help shape the new scheme.

As a Soil Association Certification licensee, you will already have some welfare enhancements in place on your farm. 

What will it involve?

Taking part in the project will entail completing a pre-visit questionnaire, followed by a 2–3 hour visit from an ADAS livestock consultants with full regard to farm biosecurity and COVID-security measures. All visits will take place between January and March 2021 and will be arranged at a time that is convenient to you.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact with Jon Walton at ADAS:


Phone: 07467 482 253