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Change to minimum organic percentage in grass and forage seed mixes

Change to grass and seed mix percentages

The minimum required organic content in an organic grass seed mix has been decreased from 70% to 50% with effect from 1st January 2020. On 31st December 2020, it will return to 70%. The intention to temporarily decrease the minimum organic content is a result of discussions and agreement with the Grass Seed Working Group and Defra in recognition of the drought conditions of 2018 and the resulting shortage of seed.

At least 50% (by weight) of grass and forage seed mixes must be organic. Producers using a mix containing at least 50% organic seed will not need to apply for approval prior to purchase, but will need to submit details of the seed used at the end of the season. Producers requesting approval to use a grass and forage seed mix containing less than 50% organic seed will need to justify the need to use any non-organic species within the mix prior to purchase. Approval will only be given where organic seed is not available.

Arable silage and wholecrop seed mixes are excluded from this provision, and the required organic content will remain at 70%.