Copper hydroxide emergency authorisation for England

Copper hydroxide emergency authorisation for England

An emergency authorisation for the copper hydroxide product, Funguran Progress, has been issued for use in England only.

This approval will be a great relief for some organic potato growers, especially given the recent blight warnings, although growers in other devolved nations will continue to be frustrated, with no product to use against late potato blight.

This is the first year that ministers in each devolved nation have to make the decision on Emergency Authorisations for their own nation. This Emergency Authorisation relates to the use of ‘Funguran Progress’ as a fungicide for use on organic potatoes to control late blight (Phytophthora Infestans). Application is to be made by conventional hydraulic horizontal boom sprayers fitted with three star drift reduction technology in 200 to 400 litres water/hectare. A ten day interval between applications must be observed.

Funguran Progress is the only copper product that can be used by organic potato growers. Annual applications cannot exceed 4kg/ha. Records need to be kept of any use. 

The emergency authorisation will expire for use on Wednesday 30th September 2020, and will not be renewed unless the stewardship information stated on this notice of authorisation, and data from eight residue trials, are provided.

The full notice is available in this document or by searching for copper hydroxide on the HSE CRD website

There is concern that in Scotland, where much of the seed potatoes are produced, authorisation will not be granted. If you're growing organic potatoes in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and will be affected by this, please let us know, and contact the relevant ministry directly with details of how this decision will impact your business.