Natural cover for poultry ranges

Natural cover for poultry ranges

From November 2020, licensees are required to have implemented standard 3.12.16 on range quality and cover

This standard does not apply to geese and ducks. Standard 3.12.16 requires at least 5% of poultry range to provide natural cover, and must be put in place in a way that promotes full and extensive use of the range.

Inspectors will now be ensuring that requirements of this standard are being put in place and may issue non-compliances where these requirements haven't been implemented. If you've planted natural cover that's not yet mature enough to provide birds with cover, you'll need to also have some temporary cover or shelters in place. Your inspector will be requesting maps and supporting evidence to confirm compliance with this standard. If you'd like clarification regarding this standard, please contact your Certification Officer.

If you require advice on providing natural cover, please contact our Producer Support team on 0300 330 0100. 

For full details and requirements, please refer to standard 3.12.6 in our Farming and Growing Standards.