Update on Lot numbers for Certificates of Inspection (COI)

Update on Lot numbers for Certificates of Inspection (COI)

We are aware that there have been issues with some Lot numbers in Section 13 of COIs, with certain Lot numbers not meeting all legal requirements.

After a few difficulties with the Lot numbers on COIs, we are having to ensure that the Lot number used in section 13 meets all legal requirements* and gives full traceability.

This means that Invoice numbers, SKU or product codes are not acceptable as COI Lot numbers, going forward. Our technical team advises that we can now only accept the following as lot number on a COI

  • best before date, use by date or;

  • a lot number, preceded by the letter “L”, which is shown on the pack or;

  • other lot/batch number / code giving full traceability and clearly linked to one of the above via the supporting documents.

This will need to be shown in your supporting documents for each product line and, except for bulk deliveries, displayed on the individual exported packs and outer cases. For bulk deliveries, the paperwork must accompany the load.

The COI team may need you to confirm the traceability and presence of the Lot no on the packaging. The team will support you getting this correct – perhaps they may suggest a template packing sheet spreadsheet which can be used if your IT system does not allow you to amend the Lot numbers / reference on your current supporting documents.

Please note that the third option may not be advisable for some BCPs, and we will let you know if we are aware of this being applicable to specific COIs.

We understand that this will require an extra step for some of our licensees and the COI team would like to thank you for your understanding.

Fuller guidance on completing COIs is available on the website.

*Legislation: The Food (Lot Marking) Regulations 1996 and Council Directive 92/11/EEC