Change to organic certification code for Northern Ireland businesses

Change to organic certification code for Northern Ireland businesses

In September we notified Northern Ireland businesses that the EU Commission were requiring a change to the format of certification codes for Northern Ireland.

The contents of this article have been updated on 28th May 2024 - please read this new piece for the latest information.


At that time we were waiting for Defra to confirm when the change would be required. Defra have now confirmed that business have until 1st September 2024 to make this change to labelling.

The code to denote SA Certification will change to XI-ORG-05.

The labelling for any new products should use this new code.

For labelling of existing products, you will need to start planning this amendment to comply with the 1st September 2024 deadline.

We are waiting for Defra to confirm details on product already packaged and using up existing packaging stock.

If you think you will be unable to amend all labelling by 1st September 2024 please contact us and provide the following information:

  • number of product lines for which you will need to change labelling

  • current packaging stocks and how long it would take to use up existing stock

  • timescale to amend artwork and print new labelling.

If you have questions, contact our certification team at food.drink@soilassociation.org