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Woodland Carbon Code update

Woodland Carbon Code update

Soil Association Certification Ltd have been providing validation and verification services for Woodland Carbon Code applicants and have now fully achieved their accreditation to ISO 14065. The accreditation process requires witness assessments of completed work by the UK Accreditation Service before the final sign off.

SACL UK Forestry team are now issuing validation and verification statements for their clients, who are very satisfied by their services. This voluntary code encourages a consistent approach to woodland carbon projects, and offers clarity and transparency to customers.

Woodlands soak up CO2 from the atmosphere, while providing a host of other benefits for society, for example:

  • Biodiversity
  • Flood alleviation
  • Recreation
  • A sustainable source of timber
  • Soil conservation

Many individuals and businesses wish to contribute to society by helping to soak up the carbon they emit through planting new woodlands. However, before investing in such projects, people want to ensure that schemes will be able to deliver the carbon savings they claim. The Woodland Carbon Code provides reassurance about the carbon savings that customers' contributions may realistically achieve.

Compliance with the Woodland Carbon Code means that woodland carbon projects:

  • Are responsibly and sustainably managed to national standards
  • Can provide reliable estimates of the amount of carbon that will be sequestered or locked up as a result of tree planting
  • Must be publicly registered and independently verified
  • Meet transparent criteria and standards to ensure that real carbon benefits are delivered

Soil Association Certification’s reputation for depth of expertise, flexibility and personal service has led to our invitation to become a validation and verification body for the WCC.

For more information on the WCC, please visit this link: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-863FFL

For validations and verifications from SACL, please contact Andy Grundy: agrundy@soilassociation.org