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WWF Timber Scorecard 2017

New WWF Timber Scorecard for 2017

Timber Scorecard

WWF have released their latest timber scorecard detailing companies that are making good use of sustainable and FSC/recycled timber sources, and those that are performing poorly in this area. According to the research, a quarter of the companies reviewed scored 0 (zero) 'trees' - their unit of measurement - meaning that that they're failing to disclose their policies and performance on sustainable timber; this includes many of the UK's globally recognised luxury brands.

WWF are calling on UK businesses to pledge to buy timber from sustainable sources (with high proportions of FSC and recycled timber) by 2020 to support their transition to a 100% sustainable timber market. They've put together the Global Forest & Trade Network - a resource for businesses to find out how to source responsible timber, encouraging the support of conservation and sustainable forest management.

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