AMITA Japan Chain of Custody Audit

AMITA Japan Chain of Custody Audit

In March, Certification Officer, Becky Henson, travelled to Japan to meet with our partner agency, AMITA, in Tokyo to witness auditors and conduct their annual agent office audit.

Becky started the trip by visiting a local printing factory in Chiba and witnessed Mr. Tsuneto Ohtake carry out the FSC Chain of Custody audit for a new client. It was a small company that have gained FSC certification for the first time. She was accompanied to the audit by Ms. Natsumi Sasamoto, who acted as translator.

A witnessed audit taking place in Japan

Tsuneto-san is in the middle

The next day, Becky travelled to Ozaki to witness Mr. Naoki Kimura at a large furniture manufacturer. Becky was accompanied by Ms. Kimie Endo and Ms. Mayuko Fuji, both translators for the visit. The company produces internal office furniture, such as wooden tables, office work stations and counters. All of the manufacturing processes are completed on site, then the finished products are packaged and sent to customers.

A witnessed audit is taking place at a factory

Naoki-san is in the bright yellow hat!

During the trip, Becky was fortunate to arrive just at start of Japan’s famous and iconic Hanami festival, when the ‘Sakura’ (cherry blossoms) bloom.

Forestry Certification Officer, Becky Henson, beneath a sakura blossom tree in Ueno Park, Taitō, Tokyo

Becky in Ueno Park, Taitō (Tokyo) under some ‘Sakura’ blossoms

After completing the agent office audit at AMITA’s head office, the team shared a meal and found opportunities to take a group photo:

Forestry Certification Officer, Becky Henson, and the AMITA team in Japan

Becky and the AMITA Japan team - Top Left:  Yoshiko, Takashi, Kimie, Mayuko, Becky, Hito, Naoya; Bottom: Natsumi, Akiko, Naoki