FSC Continuous Improvement Procedure published

FSC® Continuous Improvement Procedure published

A stepwise approach towards forest certification for small or low intensity managed forest.

To overcome some of the challenges faced by small-scale and community forests, especially in tropical countries, FSC has developed the Continuous improvement Procedure (FSC-PRO-30-011).

The new procedure provides a flexible way for organisations managing small or low intensity managed forest (SLIMF) or community forests to access forest management certification by conforming to the applicable FSC standard progressively throughout the first certification cycle (five years).

The procedure allows organisations to initially conform with only a subset of criteria (Core Criteria) and complete an action plan for the remaining management improvements (Continuous Improvement Criteria). Additionally, FSC is introducing more culturally adapted auditing and incorporating risk assessments. With this increased flexibility, users can more easily access benefits from certification while simultaneously reducing certification costs.

Eligible organizations can apply for FSC certification using this procedure after 17 August 2022. Soil Association Certification are developing a new system which will enable us to offer this procedure to new applicants. Download the procedure from the FSC Document centre.

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