International Action Plan for Food & Drink Export Launches

Food & Drink Export Action Plan Launch

DEFRA and the Department for International Trade have this week announced the arrival of the government's five-year Food & Drink Export Action Plan.

Officially launched at SIAL in Paris by Defra’s Secretary of State, the action plan sets out how the Government and industry will work together in partnership to deliver this boost in UK food exports. Soil Association Certification are one of eighteen key food trade organisations who have contributed to the draft report, which acknowledges the significant role trade organisations will play in shaping the government's ambition.

Many of the markets DEFRA and DIT have specifically focused show strong growth in organic, the report also  recognising the UK’s world-leading standards in animal welfare, traceability and sustainability as key to increase overseas demand for UK food.

If you’d like to find out more about the Soil Association support for exporters mentioned in the report, please visit our Export Support pages.


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