Organic market growth continues

+5.6% increase in organic sales

The organic market remains strong as outlined at our annual Trade Briefing. Mike Watkins, Head of Retailer and Business Insight UK at Nielsen revealed positive growth in the organic sector with a 5.6% increase in organic sales in the 52 weeks to 13 August 2016 (Nielsen Scantrack). We predict that the organic market is set to break the £2 billion mark this year and continue to outperform non organic sales.


This is the 4th year of consecutive growth within the supermarkets and the growth is accelerating. Highlights include: 

  • £1.4b Organic Food & Drink market
  • Organic has 1.5% share of sales in the £95b Food & Drink market
  • 83% of households have bought organic in the last year with the highest percentage buying fruit and veg. while organic dairy is the category which is purchased most frequently
  • 12% of shoppers are actively look for Organic
  • Grocery multiple sales are still falling at -0.6%( Nielsen Scantrack 52 weeks to 13/8/16) while organic sales are growing by +5.6% for the same time period: this is the 4th year of consecutive growth within the supermarkets and the growth is accelerating
  • Organic growth is driven by Produce and Grocery, with +7.6% and +12.6% respectively
  • Organic shoppers are 3 times more likely to recognise its benefits, siting health benefits as the top benefit for the greatest number of shoppers
  • Organic shoppers are more likely to buy ethical, and British choices
  • Organic shoppers are more aware of food intolerances and look for food with added value

* Nielsen Scantrack 52 weeks to 13/8/16). The Nielsen presentation is available for Soil Association Certification licensees - email us for your FREE copy now.

Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at Soil Association Certification said; “The organic market is in the fourth consecutive year of growth against continuing decline in non-organic food sales. There are clear opportunities across a variety of sectors, with growth driven by fresh produce and grocery, but also home baking and store cupboard essentials. Shoppers are increasingly buying organic as it answers their need for a healthy, sustainable and ethical choice”.

Star performers

Graphics taken from our new infographic 'A look at the Organic Market', launched in partnership with Triodos Bank. Available FREE for Soil Association Certification Licensees - email us for your copy.

The Organic Consumer – today and tomorrow.

Want to know more about the organic consumer? Soil Association Certification has launched some ground-breaking new research into the organic consumer of today and the future. This is the first piece of nationwide research covering all of England and Scotland.

The market is moving towards organic: organic can meet the need and accelerate growth by strongly establishing its credentials with consumers. Highlights from the report include: 

  • NEW attitudinal segmentation model
  • Clear motivations that influence purchase decisions
  • Understand the macro trends under pinning food retail today
  • Access to market mapping tool to support product development and targeting
  • Learn about the category drivers that need to be in place and the clear actions that as an Industry we need to take.

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