Fipronil & Imported Eggs

Fipronil & Imported Eggs

It is understood that an estimated 700,000 eggs containing residues of the insecticide Fipronil have been imported to the UK from farms in Europe. The Soil Association is monitoring this incident as it develops and we were made aware that some organic egg farms in the Netherlands have also been affected.

According to a statement by the UK Food Safety Authority (FSA), the affected eggs were used in processed foods and have not been sold in the UK as fresh, shell eggs. The FSA and (organic ) businesses are checking supply chains to see if product has been affected. Where so, product will be withdrawn.  A number of products, such as salads and sandwiches, have been withdrawn by supermarkets. The FSA reports that it is very unlikely that these eggs pose a risk to human health, and the decision to withdraw these products was made due to the fact that Fipronil is not authorised for use in food-producing animals.

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