Ocado Meet the Buyer Event

Ocado Meet the Buyer Event

Representing almost 10% of the sales of organic products within the UK, Ocado offers a ‘one stop’ shop for all organic needs and is a thriving force within the UK organic sector. As an online operator, they have the scope to range a wide selection of organic products with over 3,000 organic lines in their catalogue.

They are now looking for new, exciting and innovative products to add to their organic range, and we at Soil Association Certification are helping them find new suppliers and producers who would like to showcase and sell their organic products through a ‘tried and tested’ channel to market. We have run similar events in the past and many of our key licensees are now enjoying additional sales and profile through Ocado.

If you have a suitable product or range, then you must sign up to join us at the Ocado Meet the Buyer event, to be staged at their Hatfield offices on Thursday 14th
September - timings to be confirmed.

Contact Finn before Friday 11th August.

During the event, there will be time to hear from the Ocado experts from marketing, buying and supply chain who will give guidance on ‘being a new supplier’ and how to make the most of the opportunity, as well as an update on trends from our own experts. There will also be time for a short 1-1 introductory meeting with the relevant buyer.

If you are a current supplier and would like to extend your range, then you are also welcome to attend to show new products.

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