Preparing for the future with EcoCert

Preparing for the future with Ecocert

We are pleased to announce an agreement to partner with Ecocert to provide access to a suite of international certifications for our organic licensees. This additional certification may be necessary if equivalence agreements are no longer in place following Brexit and currently include those necessary for trade with USA, Japan and Korea.

Martin Sawyer commented: "In choosing Ecocert, we believe they will assist in our ongoing ability to ensure our licensees have a quality service in this area. Ecocert operate around the world, with a very high level of their global business and expertise focused on organic. With the uncertainty of Brexit outcomes still all around us, we see this as one more important step in ensuring UK organic exporters can build their businesses with confidence, with a strong reassurance of our ongoing support."

What this partnership means in practice is that we can undertake inspections to these additional international standards alongside your Soil Association Certification Inspection and Ecocert will then provide the certification. This will all be facilitated through Soil Association Certification, so please contact your Certification Officer, if you need more information.