Talking organic with chefs and suppliers

Take stock of sustainable sourcing

In June, we brought together chefs, caterers and organic suppliers for our Take Stock of Sustainable Sourcing event. Part of the Bristol Food Connections festival, the event explored:

  • How one decision to source organic impacts on climate and biodiversity, and helps to deliver on many of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • The growth in consumer demand for organic and how SA's Organic Served Here and Food for Life Served Here schemes help businesses to stand out from the crowd
  • How sustainable procurement fits in with Bristol's ambition to be the first Gold Award Sustainable Food City in the UK
  • Which Soil Association certified organic suppliers can supply South-West foodservice

It was a fantastic event, with speakers including Arthur Potts Dawson (Chef, UN World Food Programme Advocate and Sustainability Consultant), Tom Hunt (Food Writer and Co-Founder of Poco), Paul Collins (Yeo Valley Food Ambassador & 4 star Organic Served Here award holder), Phil Haughton (Better Food and 4 star Organic Served Here award holder), Chris Millne (Chartwells) and Christine Storry (Bristol Food Network).

There was much debate, agreement and positive feedback - including rave reviews from a commercial operator, who left the event committing to look at ways to make a positive difference. The chefs on the panel also shared their commitment and excitement for getting organic on the menu:

Portrait of Arthur Potts-Dawson

"Our position as chefs is vital – we’re the conduit between producers and consumers. If we decide on different ways to buy produce – championing organic produce that’s better for biodiversity, soils and health – we have significant power to influence change.” - Arthur Potts Dawson


Photo of Paul Collins, Chef at Yeo Valley Canteen, laughing in the kitchen

"It's very exciting that people are talking about organic and its impact on biodiversity and soils - it's also exciting for us as chefs to communicate this to people who come through our doors." - Paul Collins, Yeo Valley


Tom Hunt outside in a food market

"I used to focus on local sourcing, but the more I've learned, the more I'm now convinced by organic." - Tom Hunt


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