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World Soil Day: Get involved

Get dirty for nature and climate this World Soil Day

We don’t need to tell you how essential healthy soil is in tackling the combined nature and climate crises. But we do need to tell the general public – and we need to do this as a collective voice for the organic and agroecological sector.

 This is why we have developed a viral campaign to mark World Soil Day on Monday 5 December. We want organic businesses (and the people behind the brands) to join a chorus of celebrity voices by rolling up their sleeves and get dirty for nature. Hold up a dirty hand, or pair of hands, take a selfie photo or video and share it on social media channels with the message: “I’m getting dirty for nature and climate this #WorldSoilDay because soil: stores carbon, protects us from droughts and floods, and helps us grow healthy food”. Share it and tag @SoilAssociation using the #WorldSoilDay and #SaveSoil hashtags. Here’s a 20 second explainer of what you need to do.

Seven-year old conservation poet Aneeshwar Kunchala says: ‘Get dirty for nature and climate’


We have a growing group of celebrities involved in the campaign including seven-year old poet and conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala (pictured above), Deborah Meaden, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gareth Wyn Jones, Clodagh McKenna Herbert, Gunhild Stordalen, Romy Gill and Julia Bradbury. We hope to recruit further participation over the coming week. Please add your voice and influence to help make us heard on World Soil Day.