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New Grant for Abattoirs

Support for Smaller Abattoirs

In December 2023, Defra launched the £4 million Smaller Abattoir Fund, to boost the sustainability and efficiency of red meat and poultry smaller abattoirs across England.

The Smaller Abattoir Fund awards capital grants from between £2,000 and £60,000 to help support smaller abattoirs. It highlights that it's important for farmers to talk to their abattoirs to find out if this might be useful and if they need help with applying if they have any capital expenditure planned.

Key facts include

  • capital grants available, up to 40% of costs
  • applications close 30 September 2024 or until all the money has been allocated to successful applications.
  • may submit up to three applications, with a total cap of £60,000 per abattoir business across all applications. The minimum grant that can be applied for is £2,000
  • grant open to red meat abattoirs processing up to and including 10,000 farmed livestock units (LSU) per annum (i.e., bovines, sheep, goats, pigs, farmed venison), and poultry abattoirs slaughtering up to and including 500,000 birds per annum (i.e., chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, capons, hens)
  • England only


Find out more

Read the full report on Defra's website.